Detroit Thanksgiving Drive Recap 2015

This month we hosted our annual Detroit Thanksgiving Drive at City Church and this year we hosted it in two locations, with the main drive happening this past Monday. It was the best drive we have ever had.

Our goal of helping 1100 families was met midday on Monday and by this afternoon we easily surpassed 1500 families (I have the contact info to prove it). It took four truck loads, two packed trailers…twice!, over 4 tons of turkeys & hams and lots of work.

I’m exhausted but overwhelmed with emotions of gratitude and love.

Today, I made the last drop-off to a shut in veteran we have helped a lot over the years who lives in one of the worst neighborhoods in all of Detroit. He is a shut-in and can’t go out of the house without help. As I dropped off his Thanksgiving bag, he was in tears and said “thank you” at least 4 times. I almost started crying there in his living room.

This drive was a lot of work, many phone calls, meetings with businesses and begging companies to donate everything we could for months. We had a lot of help and I have the best team in the world to help pull it off. Many people saw the need and jumped on board to make a difference.

“It’s not enough to do nothing. It’s time for us to do something.”

The song “Do Something” by Matthew West has been on repeat at City Church for sometime. The song challenges us to ask: “If not us, then who.” I pray that you are inspired by the selfless actions of the many volunteers that gave so much to help so many.

As I sit back and think of 1501 families that received help from our drive, I am ready to start working on the next drive as Christmas is in a few weeks. As my friends already know,

here we go…



Thanksgiving Video Recap

City Church Thanksgiving Drive Recap



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  1. Susan

    I am so grateful for The City Church. They are not many but they are a mighty group of people who are trying their best to be obedient. God bless and keep you all. I love you all so much. Even though you don’t see me much, that doesn’t stop me from loving you and all that you are doing.

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