Throwback Thursdays – Trayvon Martin

throwback thursday

Today’s Thursday Throwback is a talk I gave shortly after the Trayvon Martin incident. I spoke about Trayvon and covered many important topics that need to be addressed, but sadly were not by many church leaders across the country. I also blogged about Trayvon here. The reason for this post today is that the world is an uproar over this (remember everyone wearing hoodies & the marches), but have we let Trayvon’s death happen in vain? Have you done anything to help the Trayvon in your neighborhood? Are we making a difference in the community? For these reasons, I encourage you take a few minutes and watch the video below.

Short Recap:

How should we handle Trayvon Martin’s death & Zimmerman’s not guilty ruling? The case itself has caused much upheaval in the church. Some are upset over a murderer set free, while others think justice was served. The truth is that Jesus loved Trayvon and George. God does not delight in death. Sin is the evidence of depravity and its end is death. This should not be a rally cry for justice or injustice, but rather a call to know Jesus. There is hope in Jesus. 


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