Do You Even Lift?


I love the gym. My dad got us into sports at an early age and with that came a desire to compete. I can’t remember a year in my life where I haven’t participated in some type of sport or been active in the gym. Even now as I enter the 30’s of my life, I still love competing, playing football and lifting weights. A few years ago I started taking lifting seriously and began with baby steps lifting with specific goals in mind.

When you truly love the gym, you make it a part of your life.

In the gym you have a culture unlike any other. People from totally different lifestyles and backgrounds will give respect not based on what you say or what you wear or by what your name is, but by what you actually do…specifically what you lift, how hard you try, how you lift and how much.

So when talking to someone about the gym some will talk about treadmills, yoga classes or cycling…that’s not what I am talking about. I am talking about the guys who go to gym 5/6 days a week not to workout but to train. Some are bodybuilders, others are boxers and some (like me) used to play sports and just love being back at it again. When talking to one of these guys it’s easy to spot a faker. They talk a big talk, but in actuality they don’t lift jack.

This has created a saying in the gym world of “do you even lift?”.

Let me explain. When someone talks big but obviously can’t back it up…do you even lift bro? When I see someone in the locker room talking about how much they can lift…but then see them proceed to put on a size small shirt…do you even lift? When you see someone post a selfie…do you even lift? When someone talks about working out and exercise but you never see them…ever…in the gym…do you even lift? When you hear a couple lifters talking about 315 for sets of 12 and pressing 900 deep and squatting to the grass…and you have no clue what they are talking about…then bro, do you even lift?

This brings me to to ask this question…do you even lift…spiritually? I’m not asking if you know the lingo but rather do you have enough time and practice in your life to be able to lift heavy weight spiritually?

Most Christians don’t lift…at all.

I say this because I read blogs and hear sermons that are very weak, anemic even. How can we explain seeing so much decay not in the world but in the church if not for the fact that most Christians really don’t work hard at being a genuine follower of Christ?

Most Christians are not faithful to what is necessary to succeed in the faith. The American Church has become lazy, fat and weak spiritually. Most Christians have never studied like Martin Luther. How many Christians do you know that have ever written dissertations or commentaries like Calvin and MacArthur? Most Christians aren’t faithful enough to stay in one church and help it grow nevertheless help get others started.

The Church has become full of obese Christians…spiritually.

We need to get off the pew and into the Bible. We need to become students again. We then need to go out of the classroom, get out of your greenhouse and into the real world where real people live and exist. I believe the reason why there is such a disconnect between the real world and the majority of people in the church today is because if Christians really had to lift heavy weight…they’d collapse.

Bro…do you even lift?



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3 responses to “Do You Even Lift?

  1. Reblogged this on LIGHTLIFE LIVING and commented:
    Great post from Pastor Jon Jackson of The City Church in Detroit, MI on being spiritually “in shape.” Check it out!

  2. Haha! I love it! Great post, Jon. I’m fairly new (2 years in) to the gym life but you’re connection to being a strong Christian is spot on. Sadly, I realize that I’m more faithful to the gym than the church. But, I now have a blueprint for strengthening my faith.

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