Thanksgiving Food Drive 2013 Recap

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Thanksgiving Food Drive 2013

I am jacked about the things God allowed us to do this Thanksgiving for the people of Detroit! Through the sacrifice of our people, the help of our supporting churches & sponsors, and donations from a few local businesses, we were able to raise over $2,000 in contributions and over $3,000 of donated canned goods and turkeys.

On Sunday and Monday, while we were putting together baskets of food to deliver, we had a line of people waiting outside of our church front door to see if we had enough for their family as well. We had to take our signs down early on Monday after running out of food.

We were able to make 254 deliveries and feed over 2,500 people! This Thanksgiving marks the largest food drive we have been able to do to date at The City Church! Praise God for the opportunity to help so many hurting families this year.

A lot of families in Detroit are hurting a little more this Holiday Season, as cuts to Food Stamps and benefits have just been put into place. Many families with lost benefits and low income have suffered and have been put into very tight spots financially. On Sunday evening, my wife, Keikilani, made a delivery to one of our neighbors. There were at least five people living in the house with no heat or electricity and most of the windows were busted out. One of the young children were sent out to help bring in the food. Not wearing a coat, hat or gloves in 22˚ weather. The mother of the family had tears in her eyes as she accepted the food at the back door and could barely whisper a “Thank you”.

On Monday, myself and a group of volunteers, delivered food to a family we often help in my old neighborhood. A 700 square foot house, holding 14 people. We were able to give that family 2 Turkeys and 7 bags of groceries!

There are many more stories I could tell, but the most prominent story is the story of HOPE. Each one of those families had a little more hope this Thanksgiving. We brought a little bit of Heaven down to people’s Hell. My family and I are so thankful that we were able to bring hope and Jesus to a few people who needed it the most this Thanksgiving.



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