Weekly Update & News

I get asked numerous times during the week about things happening in Detroit and asked for updates. Each week (at least 3/4 times a month) I will be posting here a Weekly Update & News post to answer some of these questions and keep you informed on whats up. In these updates, I compile some of the most interesting content, news here locally and things I find relevant. Please remember I don’t endorse or agree with everything you’ll see here. 



  • Mike Duggan Elected Mayor

“Former hospital chief and political pit bull Mike Duggan, who campaigned as the candidate most capable of leading Detroit back from the brink of financial collapse, defeated Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon in Tuesday’s race for Detroit mayor in an election that also saw great change on city council.” –Freep 


Jon’s Thoughts – We will have to see how much will change with Duggan as mayor. Detroit is known for corruption and mob rule, Duggan definitely mixes that up as he was the long shot to win just a few months ago as a write-in candidate and now is the mayor. The first big thing to notice about Duggan, is that he is white. I am not big on emphasizing race, but it is significant to notice because he is the first white mayor in 40yrs. Hopefully this is evidence to more unity in the community rather than the racial divide that we have seen in the past.

  • Detroit Bankruptcy Trial Reaches 8th Day

“Former Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon has finished his testimony in Detroit’s bankruptcy trial with no questions from city attorneys. Dillon returned to the witness chair for 90 minutes Thursday, answering questions from lawyers for pension funds and retired city employees. He says there was no plan to liquidate Detroit. Dillon says the city “will need to carry on and move forward.” Unions and pension funds are challenging Detroit’s eligibility to remake itself in bankruptcy court, claiming emergency manager Kevyn Orr failed to hold good-faith negotiations before the July filing. Dillon was state treasurer until last week. He played a key role in hiring Orr and in trying to fix Detroit’s finances during his nearly three years in office.” –AP


Jon’s Thoughts – Detroit is out of money, basic city functions are inoperative, under policed, crime is high and the city is on the brink – thats the short recap. Until we get a major industry back hiring and bringing in more businesses, things will stay the same. While things appear to be getting better, those of us who have been here for a while know better and waiting to see things happen. DPS (Detroit Public Schools) are a mess as well and hopefully the council and new mayor can have some impact in the short term and long term so that we don’t repeat the last decade.


  • Thanksgiving Food Drive

A part of our mission statement of our church is to actually do stuff. Throughout the year we give out food to those in need, this year we have given out food to thousands of people. This Thanksgiving we are hosting a Food Drive to give out baskets with a full Thanksgiving meal. Last year over the holidays we fed over 12,000 people, this year we want to reach that mark again and surpass it. We have many local businesses donating to our drive, but most of our donations will be from local Detroit peeps who love their neighbors.


  • Weekly Webcast and Radio Show 

We are just a few weeks away from a weekly webcast, podcast and radio show hosted by myself and my good friend Demetrus Stokes. The weekly show will cover a variety of topics and will have many guests that you will want to hear. Keep watching the website for info. 


  • City Church Update

This fall has been great for us as we have seen growth in attendance and offerings. Just in the last few weeks we have seen several families & single adults join. We baptized a young teen this past weekend and have a few lined up for next month. Our addiction ministries are constantly seeing new faces and people in need of love. Not a day goes by where the phone doesn’t ring with a family that is homeless, in need of food or out of luck. Please pray for City Church as we continue to love those that many have forgotten.

city black logo.002

THE 411


My good friend Rel Paul has launched out and is making ripples across Detroit. Detox Church is hosting preview services and has hosted a few awesome worship gatherings already. Rel & I want to help more guys plant churches in Detroit that reach those that have been forgotten. Detox Church had its first preview service just a few weeks ago at a local night club here in Detroit! Please pray for them as we team up to “Detox the City.”



With your support, we can rewrite a different story for Detroit: one where a great American city becomes an eternal city of Hope. We have teamed with KLOVE radio and World Hope to start missions and Hope centers across Detroit. Please pray for the planning to continue to go smoothly and for funds to come in to purchase these Hope Centers.



  • Hype Nite December 7th

City Church will be hosting another Student Ministries Event with special speakers and artist hosted by Paul Collins “GOODSON”. Each month we reach out to our teens and youth in our community to host an event thats aimed at them. Over the last few months we have hosted some great local artist. Giveaways, door prizes and more!

  • CLUB DETOUR January 1st

City Church will be hosting CLUB DETOUR for teens hosted by Bro Dre. This event will be bouncin’! Tickets $7 in advance, $15 at the door.


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