This past weekend, I gave this poem I wrote at the conclusion of the message. It is entitled “Believe.” Believing in Jesus is important, Believing in Jesus is key to the Christian life. I want to prove it to you now. While I am not an Emerson, my feeble attempts will I pray suffice. 


Believing will get you thru the dark days, troubled times, hard choices, tough hours.

Believing will guide you thru storms, cloudy waters, disasters, the unexpected, detours and road blocks.

Believing will help you when you feel alone, feel weak, feel sad, feel down, feel hate and even sometimes feel nothing.

Believing will lift you when your pushed down, held down, torn down, pulled down, left down and out.

Believing will stable you when it gets rocky, when it gets loud, when it gets tiresome, when it gets tipsy.

Believing will do when others don’t, will when others can’t, go when others stop and be when others ain’t.

Believing will give you understanding when others only see depending.

Believing will give you deliverance when others only see chance.

Believing will satisfy you when life won’t, love won’t, people won’t, family won’t and yes even “they” won’t.

Believing in Jesus will cost you, but the return on investment is eternal life.

Believing in Jesus will stretch you, but won’t leave you hanging.

Believing in Jesus will grow you, but not force you.

Believing in will cause you to pray, to worship, to talk, to preach, to witness, to sing, to shout, to dance, to clap, to be silent, to be still, to shut up, to nod, to think, but most of all to listen.

Believing in Jesus will get you more than a fish sandwich and so much more…More than just food, more than just happiness, more than just filled…

Believing in Jesus gives you peacefully serenity, belonging community, divine credibility, Biblical sensitivity, and an answer to depravity.

Believing in Jesus is the only and final answer to the human condition, the souls depravation, eternal damnation and everyones dysfunction.

Believing in Jesus gets you to the right destination, away from destitution, because of His designation, there is now a glorious expectation.

Believing in Jesus causes spiritual fascination, deep soul exploration, holy dedication, Christian duplication and path illumination.

Believing in Jesus is possible of his incarnation, cross humiliation, hells penetration, sins eradication and the free gift of salvation.

Believing in Jesus is not Christian hibernation, lamentation, or to your own reservations.

Believing in Jesus is the souls restitution, living ammunition, Bible admonition and Holy Spirit absorption.

Believing in Jesus will cause you to Bible meditate, others accommodate, gospel communicate, self exterminate, become more considerate, and yes some will say you hallucinate, that your a degenerate because you don’t hypothecate like their proliferates, but thats unfortunate because….

Believing in Jesus is all apart of his orchestrate, to recalibrate, reorientate, restimulate, rescesitate, consolidate, and recreate those who will believe in the infinite.

Believing is so simple a child can do it, this is not explicit, nor is it a whodunit, but rather a transmit, a potrait, a hand-writ, a heavenly benefit so that – HELL – you and I could forfeit instead of inhabit.

Believing is not something you do, it’s sadly overdo.

Believing is a heavenly circumspect, to rid us of our sinful disconnect to gloriously reconnect us to the master Architect.

Believing is a project, it takes some retrospect and yes intellect, but you can reconnect because with Jesus we are the saved elect.

Believing is a paradigm shift, a paid for gift, a heavenly drift to give you a lift  you from the sinful rift.

Words from my mouth, thoughts from my head can yet be offscreen, some might think overkeen, but I pray in between and a spiritual canteen.

For believe means: all I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all that is unseen.


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