God has NOT left Detroit.


“The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” Deuteronomy 31:8

This week while filming to raise awareness and support for World Hope & Klove Radio here in the ruins of abandoned buildings in my Detroit, we came across a building while on google where someone had painted with graffiti the script “God has left Detroit.”

Scott Smith from Klove & I went on a mission to find this wall and graffiti to see if it was still there and much to our surprise it was still there on the wall, but with one very important addition.

Someone, just like us had searched this out and had beat us to it. They had with spray paint inserted “NOT” into the graffiti. As Scott, I and others gathered around this piece of art the message came thru very loud and clear.

The fact that someone had inserted “not” into the graffiti was just more proof that God indeed has not left Detroit. Yes, buildings are deserted and people are homeless. Yes, there are problems and more needs than we can supply help, but that doesn’t mean God has left.

The Devil has been waging a war on Detroit for some time, and a simple drive around my city will show you that Hell has been winning…but this war isn’t over.

You see while the Devil loves to destroy lives, God loves to build lives. Detroit may look destroyed but it is not, it’s just been knocked down. Many have worked tirelessly to push back the onslaught of  depression and decay that has permeated this great city…it is because of them it is not worse.

As a young man I understand that we would not be here today with the opportunity to do great things had it not been for those that have come before us.

So to the churches in Detroit that remained…THANK YOU! To the missions that kept the doors open…THANK YOU! To those who have done their best…even if not successful in others eyes…THANK YOU!

God has NOT left Detroit. The proof is written on the wall.




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