Lessons from my Father

Father’s day is this weekend and a week ago Friday (June 1st) my wife gave birth to our third son. I have so much more to learn in life and the older I get the more I understand that I really know very little. In this journey God has blessed me and there are some lessons that my father has taught me that I want to share. Being that this months has been a big one for me…here are some lessons I learned from my father, that I want to teach my boys.

Love Jesus. 

Sounds simple, but takes your whole being to achieve. You can’t just be in puppy dog love with God, you have to love Jesus as He loved us. Ya gotta give your whole life to God and let Him drive.

Work hard. 

As children we were taught to work hard. Dad made sure we boys worked, I am so grateful that words cannot express it. The only easy day was yesterday.

Pray, read the book, pray some more. 

My dad started with teaching us at an early age to read the book and pray. When we were really young it was prayer and Bible story before bed, as we got older it was incentives and now in my adult life it is ever rewarding.

Lead by example. 

My dad could talk like nobody I have ever met. From a kid I have been with my dad on visits, counseling calls & heard countless sermons, but it was the sermons away from the pulpit that have really stuck. The proof was in the pudding.

Love people.

God gave me grace, so I get to give grace to others. I have made many mistakes, and I am always blessed when others give me grace. Love others even when they don’t deserve it, I know I don’t deserve grace.

Be a man.

Whiners are bums, bums are losers, and losers quit. I’ve met lots of boys, many good ole boys, and have friended a few men. Men keep their word. Men don’t just do there best, they get the job done.

Love your wife. 

My dad has always loved my mom. My mom has been treated like the queen she is by my dad. My dad sticks up for my mom in public and in private. Kind words, loving actions, gracious and kind.

Serve the church.

My dad has dedicated his life to the pastorate. His passion for pastoring is worth emulating. Being a pastor is one of the most demanding jobs in the world. I could digress on this, but simply put we are doctors without days off. I love my dad for serving the church even when the church is ungrateful and undeserving.

As this father’s day comes and goes, love your dad. Love your spiritual dad, your physical dad and your father figures. Our dad’s ain’t perfect, but without em life would have been worse.  Love you dad. Thanks for the lessons. Still listening.



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4 responses to “Lessons from my Father

  1. Very well said! …. You are blessed my friend!:)

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