10 Things You Must Know About Easter…

In just a few weeks we will celebrate the most important day of the entire year…EASTER. It was on a Sunday morning 2000 years ago that Jesus kept His end of the promise. Jesus came, died and rose again just like He said He would and we celebrate this with worship, prayer, remembrance and praise! Every week at The City Church we go absolutely crazy about Jesus and this year on Easter Sunday April 8th @11am the bar gets raised even higher!

This Easter is the biggest celebration we have ever thrown at The City Church. Friday Night April 6th we will host a Teen Night with Rapper Sean Cox and on Saturday Night April 7th we host the year’s biggest Adult Hip Hop Concert! Our Easter Weekend Celebration crescendos on Easter Sunday morning with a celebration of Jesus Christ like you have never seen before! As we get closer to this awesome weekend, there are 10 Things You Must Know About Easter

  • PRAY

We need to be praying for something special to happen in our hearts on Easter Sunday. Pray for God to do something that you have never experienced before. Pray each day for Easter Weekend!


Don’t just pray about it…show up! Start planning now for the best Easter Weekend experience you have ever had at The City Church April 6th, 7th & 8th!


Grab some Easter Invite Cards and pass em out! Call up a friend, post invites on Facebook and Twitter. Go talk to your neighbor, invite your co-workers! This will be something they will talk about for the rest of the year.

  • TALK

It’s easy to invite people, start talking about what God has been doing in your life. Talk about how last year’s Easter Sunday helped you. Talk about the band, the friendly faces, the kids church & nursery, the helpful sermon and an unforgettable performance by Sean Cox that everyone must see.

  • GIVE

We need your help to help others. Everything we do at The City Church is funded entirely by donations from our own pockets. If you like seeing people helped, if you like addicts finding comfort,  hungry people fed, gospel getting preached and lives getting changed…throw some money in the offering today and don’t forget to give on Easter Sunday!


I can’t do this all by myself. I need your help. The City Church is a family of people who come together to worship, to help and to preach. That means you and I working together. Don’t let me do all the work…jump in!


You and I need to be radical for Jesus each day between now and Easter Weekend. Get your smile on, start clapping now…Easter is gonna be dope!


Don’t just hand out flyers…get your close friends and family to commit to coming. People commit to things everyday and Easter Sunday is more important than anything else going on in their life because Easter is about Jesus Christ.


Grab some Concert Posters and hang em around town. This Saturday a group of us will be heading out to post flyers in bars, clubs, liquor stores and tattoo joints. Hang em where you work, where you shop and let people know that EASTER SUNDAY at THE CITY CHURCH is almost here!


Easter Sunday will be incredible…but it will blow you away if you have someone sitting with you that you invited and brought with you. Clean out your Ford and pack em in with you!



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