a rated R sermon series

[Watch “A Rated R Sermon Series” Video Promo here ]

Over the next several weeks on Sunday morning, I get the privilege to share with peeps at The City Church our vision, our dream, live in person. Each Sunday morning you will be hearing from me what we are calling A Rated R Sermon Series.

Each week I will be teaching on who we R and what R to be doing.

This is gonna step on some toes as everyone wants to hear the hardcore, unedited, politically incorrect truth about God, life, family, pastor jon, & church…but when it demands change in their own life, well- we will see what happens.

Each Sunday you will hear a sermon where I’ll be throwing punches without gloves on. This is gonna sting a little, Im gonna step on some toes, give some of you a beating, but the prayer is that once you are confronted with the truth, once you see the dream, once you understand the vision…you will follow, you will get on board, you will join us here at The City Church.

Make sure to join us each Sunday @11am! 

A Rated R Sermon Series Schedule

January 1st – Real, Relaxed, Relevant

January 8th – Radical

January 15th – Reforming

January 22nd – Rebels

January 29th  – Repenting

February 5th – Rejoicing

February 12th – Restoring

February 19th – Rocking

February 26th – Renewing



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2 responses to “a rated R sermon series

  1. Way to go Pastor Jon!!! Love the promo video!

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