20 by 2020…

This has been an awesome year. God has been doing some incredible things and the future looks great. Over the last weekend I had some time to take one of my pastor friends around the city and show him where I know God wants me to plant more campuses and missions. Unless you have lived here in Detroit, you just won’t understand how bad it really is here. (i.e. last night a bunch of teens busted down my fence and tried to steal my tools from my garage).

Point is, its bad and Detroit needs Jesus.

There is only way to fix Detroit and that is with Jesus. We need more churches, more lighthouses, more missions, more orphanages, more campuses, more food banks, more shelters, more police, more money…but we really just need alot of Jesus.

Over the next few days & weeks, I will be posting pics and video from Detroit and where we plan to launch more City Church Campuses & Missions. Our prayer is that in the next 12 months we become fully self-supporting so that we can launch another campus 15 minutes east of my house.

Please pray, give and love. In 2008 there were many that said “jon, your crazy.” Although I am crazy, God has a plan & I am hanging on for the ride. 20 campuses/missions by 2020…you got it!

-that crazy guy in a hoodie for Jesus,

pastor jon



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6 responses to “20 by 2020…

  1. I know that God is a miracle worker. I have faith and when God deems it to be done, it will be. God bless these journeys here on earth and help us to do His will.

  2. Praying for you! My city is a lot like Detroit! We understand what your going through. Keep up the good work.

  3. Josh Carter

    This gets me fired up man. I love to hear the plans you got for up there. We might as well think big cause we got a big God! Praying for you continually.

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