My God shows up!

Three years ago on a cold, winter Sunday morning, a young pastor stood in front of 5 people in an old building, $35k in debt, in a building that flooded everytime it rained, and said, “just wait, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Told ya. 🙂

It’s amazing how good God is, has been & will continue to be. There is nothing special about me. No great talent or ability, just faith in a big, BIG God.

We have gone literally, from nothing to something amazing and it’s hard to describe it. How does all this happen? With little outside support, in the worst city economically in America, rebuild? Really?

I have goosebumps. I have cried. I have sat back and gazed in a beautiful church theatre that God just bought & gave to me…speechless.

This Sunday is special to me for many reasons. Here they are:

1. This is the beginning of something special

I can’t describe everything to you now or tell you everything that God is doing behind the scenes because I know it would freak some of you out, but God has given us a platform on which we will launch! 20 in 2020 is gonna happen! Hold on!

2. The “real” work is about to start.

For the last 3-4 months I have 6-7 days a week & 12-14 hour days to get the building ready, I have had help, lots of help. We tore down, built up and finished strong! Now, I get to go back to pastoring. For the last few months I was a forman & a pastor on the side, now I’m back to full duty. Don’t get me wrong, I love to work and I enjoy construction, but God didn’t call me to build buildings but rather to start churches. Building buildings is just a step in the process.

3. This is what I meant by THINK BIG.

It’s easy to get up and preach, proclaim big theories and thoughts and then walk away. It’s hard to talk, and then walk the talk. One of our ladies in the church who has been here since my first Sunday in march 08, said to me recently, “I get it, THINK BIG, I get it now.” For many people they had heard me say this day was coming, a new building, a better campus, a place to worship, the first campus…of many. Now it’s here. Doubters into believers overnight.

4. The proof is now visible.

It’s the people crazy enough to think they can change the world, that really do. I have said for a long time that you measure a man not by what he says or by what others say of him, but by what he does. I did what I said I would do. The proof is now out in the open. Haters say what you will, but it’s hard to argue with miracles.

5. Here we go. 

I am totally  yoked & jacked about this Sunday! Visitors have been calling me and telling me they are bringing more visitors with them. My neighbors are coming, not some of them,  most of them! We have peeps coming from east side, west side, and even south side. Several city officials have promised to be in attendance as well. But the truth is that there is only 1 person I am looking for this Sunday…Jesus. If nobody else showed up, but me & Jesus it will be a party! Y’all can show up and join us, cuz this is gonna be good!

Please hear me out and don’t be trippin as you read this, I am not a cocky dude. Just totally blown away by my big God who keeps showing up and answering my prayers! In the last 3 years God has blessed me big time: saving my wife’s life in the hospital, giving me J1.0 even with all the complications, blessing me with J2.0 and trying my faith as I had to learn patience and trust while both my wife & son were on life support, getting the church out of debt, selling the old building, getting a new building, finishing the building and now launching the church this Sunday for grand opening.

I know some might look at the last 3years and say that’s alot, but to us it’s just another chapter in a great book. A book that’s being being written by an author who knows it all before it happens.

It’s because I know the author, that I can confidently say, “told ya.”

-pastor jon

Acts 5:42 “daily”



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2 responses to “My God shows up!

  1. What a blessing! I am very excited to see what our Lord has in store next for your faithful congregation.

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