Let God love you…

Let God love you, You love God & You love people.

The last few months has been an awesome roller coaster ride: we sold the old building for more than its worth, bought a bigger & better building for a fraction of what it is worth, my good friends Mike & Suzanne moved to Detroit from South Carolina to help our church in music, nursery & as a Campus Pastor, started the demo/remodel of the building 7days a week from 7am-7pm most days, finished the majority of the demo/remodel on Monday & got in my truck and drove to Atlanta for a missions conference this week at Pinecrest.

We got to Atlanta on Tuesday and have thoroughly enjoyed our time here with our friends at Pinecrest. Pastor Roy Mack has been a huge blessing to our family and we are overwhelmed by the love and support that the church family has given to us.

(what I am about to write may sound conceited, but please read this as our humble view and perspective of our ministry from our eyes)

We have been treated like rock stars here. For the last four years Keiki and I have sacrificed money, friends, family time, my truck, safety,  relationships, and hobbies all for the ministry God has put us here in Detroit. Many times the ministry here in Detroit can be depressing and frustrating as we deal with broken lives, broken families, and broken people, from a city that looks normal on the outside, but is really trapped and addicted economically and spiritually.

Over the last several months, I have had more drunks, more addicts, more lives wrecked by sin in my house, then the last 3 years combined.  This has been trying on my wife, my family and the church. Many times it seems as if I am balancing a juggling act.  The Lord has done so many great things and blessed us in so many ways, that sometimes I forget to stop and look back at the path I just walked, and see all the danger, trouble, and adversities that should have happened and didn’t. So it brings me to tears when people who have been watching from afar, listening to the stories and praying for us, come alongside and say, “Keep it up!”

Our ministry is Dope.

We sound different, look different, act different, even our name is different…but its still the same Jesus! I understand that many people in various circles will not understand why we do the things we do, and would rather call it compromise and will condemninly shrug their shoulders and move on rather than ask why & really listen to the answer. Others will see people that they are not reaching and see us as those that are reaching “those” people and jump on board.

This week we have been bombarded by love from Pinecrest. The encouragement has been uplifting & joyous. The young couples class(20-30 adults) has planned to come up and help us do a city crusade next summer. We are jacked! People wanting to come help us do what our passion is…tell people about Jesus in the greater Detroit area.

One blessing this week, has been more quiet time & time in prayer/Bible. This week the Lord has been speaking to me concerning three specific areas and I want you to see & hear them as well.

Let God love on you

We live in a world where we either think we deserve everything (handouts) or where we think that can do anything in ourselves(humanism). We must learn that we do not do anything to make God love us, nor can we do enough deeds to make God love us more. God loves you despite you being a sinner.

You need to Love God

We love so much that is not important. We love tv, culture, life, money, family, friends, hobbies, etc. but do we really love God? If we really love God, we must obey. This means “go, win, baptize & disciple”. This means “all things to all men.” This means “your will, not mine.”

You need to love people

I truly believe that the reason why so many people have problems in their marriage, problems in church, problems in life…is because they do not love like God commands. We love the pretty people, the people that can help us, those that are clean…but not the hurting and helpless that will never be able to repay us.

I pray that you will glean some truth from these thoughts. Below are the sermon & talking points from the last two nights. I will post more over the next few days.

Let the redeemed speak louder,



Here are the notes from the main sessions on Thursday & Friday from keynote speaker Bobby Herrell. I spoke on Wednesday on a passion for God, & will give another presentation tonight.

Wednesday notes:

Pastor Bobby Herrell

Think way outside the box.
You have to pay to get the adventure.

Challenge is to be a short term missionary.

What/who is/what was the apostle Paul. Teacher, pastor, preacher, writer, leader, all the above.

You need to love. You need to love. If you get this, everything changes.

Jesus in Matt 22 is surrounded by hostile peeps and they are asking questions of Jesus. The questions are not to learn, but rather to accuse. They were looking for a reason/sound bite to get Jesus to quit.

The big theme of the Bible is love. “love God and love people.”

-we need to love God
-we need to love our God & our neighbors
-we need to be loved

We don’t need something to love, but we need to love someone!

When God created you, he made you with a desire to love others.

There are times when we can feel like nobody love us, but the truth is that God must feel this sometimes, because people don’t love God.

The biggest thing you can do tonight is get down on your knees and love people.

Remember, the Pharisees had no intention of listening to the answers Jesus gave to the questions the Pharisees asked. Will you respond to Jesus like the Pharisees?

Love demands a response.

Love compels a response.

Don’t leave God hanging.

There a people out there that are starving for Jesus, starving for love.


Thursday notes:

How do I fit in with the great commission?

You’re not too poor to tithe.

Think outside the box & get involved.

I Cor 9:22 “all things to all men” & 23 “all for the gospel sake”

Think strategy:
Bring the mission field to you: kids, adopt, etc
Go to the mission field on a trip: short term, anywhere.

-all power is God’s (it’s ok, He is charge)
-all nations need Jesus



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9 responses to “Let God love you…

  1. Awesome my friend!! Here’s to another 3 years of work, love, sacrifice, and doing what God commands!!

  2. barter

    Excited for you, Jon!

    I don’t know how to say this without sounding corny but I really look up to you. I want to learn from you. That is why I wish you would write more….

  3. I have missed listening to Pastor Herrell preach.We joined his church for a couple of months when we were in transition from part-time ministry in TX to the pastorate here in MI. Tell him I said hello.

  4. Pastor, I understand what you are saying and I praise the Lord that He bought me and my family to Northwest Baptist Church which is not the City Church. No matter what we go through, the battle is not ours, its the Lord’s which has already been won. I truly appreciate the ministry and will gladly be back as soon as the Lord allows. Your prayers and concern for me and my family will never be forgotten nor is it taken for granted. To God be the glory. God bless you and Keiki and Liz., and Jayden and Jimmy Wray.
    Love you all,


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