The City Church

Friends, family & members,
We are moving! Our church has outgrown our Farmington Campus on Middlebelt and is moving to 11677 Beech Daly just north of Plymouth Rd.
God has been doing some incredible stuff and we are excited about the future. Join us September 4th @1030am at our new location for a walk thru, community & day of prayer over the new campus. Join us for this day of prayer & building/campus cleanup, God is doing some awesome stuff…jump on this train peeps, its moving!
It is with great joy, appreciation and thanks that we make this move. God has used the old campus as a starting point for our church, it is now time for a new place and new opportunities. With this outward campus change also comes a name change. The new name of our church is The City Church.
Please pray for us & the church as we proceed forward to spread the gospel and make a difference for Jesus Christ.

The City Church Purpose, Mission and Vision Statement:

The City Church Exists to Make Disciples, Plant Campuses and Churches, making many Small Communities into One City for the Glory of God through Lives Changed by the Gospel.

The City Mission:

To Make Disciples, Plant Campuses and Churches.

The City Vision:

Many Small Communities Making One City.

The City Purpose:

To Glorify God through Lives Changed by the Gospel.


Jon Jackson

Lead Pastor of The City Church



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5 responses to “The City Church

  1. Neil

    Praying for you! Congratulations! 🙂

  2. reed holmes

    Congradulations guys!

  3. I am excited and proud to be a part of this great adventure in God’s will!!! 🙂

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