“Are You Lost?”

“Are you lost?” I don’t think I will ever forget that question being asked to me as I walked into a east side tattoo shop. I am a 270lb white gorilla country boy. I stick out like a sore thumb in Detroit. I try to be fly and try to be current and relevant…but I am still me, cowboy hat & Ford truck. The three black guys sitting in the tattoo shop did a quick look over at me, they quickly asserted that this white boy must be lost, “Are you lost?” they asked. Funny … that was the question I was just about to ask them.

I had just walked into a well known tattoo shop in Detroit, I was going to visit with one of my church members and my friend Lorri. She is a tattoo artist. She is amazing. What she can do with ink is incredible, but what God has done with her life is even more amazing! I was privileged to lead Lorri and Ceith, her boyfriend at the time, to the Lord in 2009. I was also able to marry them last year and see them grow as Christians and as a young married couple. I have always wanted to see her shop and I love introducing myself to people & talking Jesus, so here I went. The plan was to show up and introduce myself to Lorri’s friends and coworkers, and invite them to worship Jesus with us on Sunday.

When those guys in the shop saw me, they were surprised. When I introduced myself as Pastor Jon, Lorri’s pastor…you would have thought someone yelled fire. It’s always interesting to me how people can get intimidated just by bringing up Jesus. Some people get mad and others get offended, some listen…everyone needs Him. At first I knew they thought I was lost because I am white, but then once introduced it’s amazing how busy you can become when preacher is here.

I passed out some gospel tracts, talked tattoos and cross patterns, watched a 16 year boy get his first tattoo – his mark of manhood as “a dude from the DET” as he put it (his mother standing by approving and paying for it). An hour passed I invited several to come to church, several promised, several nodded. The point is that Lorri had witnessed to many of them before and here I came and witnessed to them for the first time. I had an in-road, an opportunity because someone else had done right.

Everywhere you look there are people that are lost. Don’t look down on them because they are white or because they are black. Don’t think you’re better, or think you’re richer or think they’re dirtier. We are all people. We are all people that sin. We are just different, that’s all. And everyone needs Jesus. I wonder where you haven’t gone yet, where people need to hear about Jesus? Tattoo shop anyone?

let the redeemed speak louder,

pastor jon jackson

“Testifying both to the Jews, and also to the Greeks, repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.” Acts 20:21


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